Can’t find the motivation to work out after seeing clients? Read this

As a fitness coach, the dream is to fill up your day with clients because the more clients you have, the more you make. But the drawback is that you’re tired at the end of every day and can’t find the motivation to do your own workout.

Good news, tons of trainers feel like this. And there are solutions too! Here are six strategies that PTs use to get their workouts in during the day.

Workout before going home

For many people, going back home marks the end of the day. And once that happens, you may never find the motivation to head back to the gym and train.

What you can do instead is take a break after your final client and quickly hit the weights. This tip will be more helpful on days when you have some energy left over.

Train in the morning before you see your first client

Working out in the morning is almost equal to discipline in many people’s books. Our minds reward us when we summon the mental will to get up early and work up a sweat. 

More importantly, working out early in the morning helps you get it out of the way. Now you can focus on your clients.

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Create a schedule 

If you’re feeling tired or unmotivated after your day, it means you probably have a handful of clients working with you. It also means you know exactly how your day will go most of the time, hour-on-hour.

The good news is that you can schedule your workout in free time slots during the day. This works great if you’re not a morning person and you’re too tired to lift a finger at the end of your day.

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Workout with your seasoned client

This strategy is tricky because as a fitness coach, your job is to focus on your client and make sure they get the routine right. But if your client is a seasoned pro, you can workout alongside them. 

You know that they have the routine down to a science and they just need you for motivation and mental support. This tip is more useful for workouts like HIIT training

Trainer working out with client
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Hire a personal trainer

This may sound odd until you think about it. People hire personal trainers for different reasons, from looking for better results to seeking motivation.

Having your own personal trainer will do more than just provide motivation. It can also help keep your workouts dynamic and balanced. While you’re busy structuring other people’s workouts, your trainer can handle yours.

Just do it

At the end of the day, it may just come down to stubbornness and sheer force of will. You know you need to work out, and you know the day’s end is probably the best time to do it. The only thing left to do is soldier on, hit the gym, and get it done.

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