Online Presence

Ensure that your ideal clients can find you online, immediately recognize how you can help them, and leap at the opportunity to work with you.

You probably know this already, but...

People are looking for your coaching services. Someone out there needs you to hold their hands through whatever situation they are going through. 

You need to help them find you, and my online presence package can help. 

The package helps by creating a corner of the internet where people can learn everything they need to know about you and your services. Naturally, your website’s content will form a large chunk of this. 

But it also includes other effective strategies that most people don’t think about.

This online presence copywriting package also allows you to create a system that attracts leads who are interested in your coaching service and nurture them so they can buy from you in the future.

The package is also great for you if you already have a website, but it tells people NOTHING about what you do.

The last thing you want is to lose leads who could be interested in your services.

The online presence package is best for

Converting leads into clients
Adding credibility to your practice
Converting traffic into leads

It’s great for you if

You want to create your corner of the internet where people can find you, know you, and understand what you do quickly
You're looking for a one-time investment with long-term benefits

What’s inside?

An elaborate questionnaire that describes your program

This questionnaire will help me understand your services, who it’s perfect for, and what people stand to gain. You’ll also provide other details about yourself and your business that will go on the pages.

A 30-minute copy strategy session

During this, we will discuss what you’re doing right now and how I can write copy to multiply those results. We’ll also talk about any specific ideas for your website copy or anything the questionnaire didn’t address.

Website copy (home page, services, about me; total of 2,000 words max)

Your website copy is often one of the first memorable encounters people have with you. Think about how many people need your service and visit your website but have no idea they could help them. That is limiting the impact you have on people’s lives, costing your business revenue.

While writing website copy, my goal is to state clearly what you do and who can benefit from your services. But it won’t stop there. Your site will also reflect your tone and voice, paint your services as the best solution to your visitors’ problems, and present you as the empathic and impactful coach that you are.

Sales page (1,000 words max)

A sales page is a critical part of your website regardless of whether or not you’re selling a program at the moment. Even if it’s geared towards your 1:1 coaching, a sales page is a fantastic way to show people your value and why they need to hire you. The sales page will highlight the benefit of your program by leveraging visitors’ pain points and using social proof to reinforce your credibility.

With the sales page, I will take the visitor through a journey, showing them how limiting their current problems can be. (because sometimes, you don’t know your disadvantages until someone opens your eyes.) The sales page will make these limitations as clear as possible and show the reader how better their lives will be once they attend your program.

Lead magnet (starting from 500 words)​

Everybody who visits your website is a potential client. They might have stumbled onto your website, but more often than not, they are visiting because they are fascinated by what they’ve heard of you. Whether your website is brand new or revamped, the lead magnet will capture all leads going forward, ensuring that the right prospects end up on your mailing list and, eventually, in your core audience.

The lead magnet helps you qualify these leads, offer them something for free, and give them a chance to join your awesome mailing list. A lead magnet is usually a downloadable PDF that contains valuable, actionable information that the reader can use to improve their lives right now.

Email sequence with 7 mails (250 words each)

The email sequence will help nurture your leads by providing free valuable insight, highlighting problems they have, and painting your program as the perfect solution. Each email will deliver value and nudge the recipient towards buying your program and improving their lives. The email sequence will be tied to your lead magnet so that every website visitor receives as much value from you and gets a chance to understand what your program can do for them.

The overall strategy

Thanks to the website copy, every visitor who needs your coaching will immediately know it. They will then be tempted to download your high-value lead magnet and join your mailing list. Next, they get a series of mails that give them additional info, highlight their problems and paint you as a solution. The mails will also highlight the merits of your program and what they can expect to get out of it. The emails in the sequence will lead to your sales page where they can understand your program better and, of course, sign up!

How much does it cost?

Your investment for the Online Presence package is:



What My Past Clients Have to Say

Matthew and I collaborated on a project which included a sales landing page and an email sequence. I appreciated that he invested time in understanding my audience and communication style before he jumped in with the copywriting.

He was approachable and open to tweaks I suggested after reviewing the first draft and as a result, together, we fine-tuned the messaging before it was released.

I had a strong open rate to all 3 emails and the click rate improved with each message. Matthew is a great collaborative partner to work with.
Christine Campbell Rapin
Clear Acceleration Inc
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