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Ensure everyone who visits your website understands what you do and how you can help them

Quick question

Do people visit your website and still have no idea what you do?

If anyone has to ask what kind of coaching service you provide AFTER visiting your website, you need a change. 

Think about how many people need your service and visit your website but had no idea you could help them. Unfortunately, that limits your impact on people’s lives and costs your business revenue.

That’s unacceptable, and I’ll tell you why.

Your website copy is often one of the first memorable encounters people have with you. Think about people who followed your email or clicked through from a networking event.

Even if your first impression was spectacular, weak website messages would cancel out all of that.

But I can help. 

While writing website copy, my goal is to state clearly what you do and who can benefit from your services. 

But it won’t stop there. Your site will also reflect your tone and voice, paint your services as the best solution to your visitors’ problems, and present you as the empathic and impactful coach that you are.

Your website copy will include:

A captivating home page that immediately tells visitors what you’re about and why they should work with you
A services page(s) that explains your offers in an easy-to-understand manner
An “about me” page that builds a relationship with the reader and makes you relatable.
Other pages you might need.

You need website copy if:

People visit your current site and have no idea what you do
You’re looking to set up your online presence outside of just social media
You need to build credibility for your business
You need a way to describe your offers with clarity
You’d like to get more clients
How will this work?

This sign-up link will let you book a strategy call with me. Before booking a date, you’ll get the chance to fill out a questionnaire that helps me understand your voice and positioning better. 

The questionnaire will also allow you to share details about your offer, who it’s perfect for, and what people stand to gain – all information I need for your website copy. 

After filling out the questionnaire, you’ll complete the booking process, and we can hop on a call. During the call, we’ll discuss the questionnaire, what you’re doing so far, and how I can highlight your unique value proposition in your website copy. 

Then, we iron out a few extra details, set a deadline, and I’ll deliver your website copy to you!

How much does website copy cost?

Your investment for website copy of 750 words will be around:


This rate isn’t set in stone. The final figure depends on how much copy your website needs.

What My Past Clients Have to Say

I'm not afraid to say that I'm not very good at writing copy; not sales pages, and certainly not emails. So when the time came to find a copywriter, we were grateful to have found Matthew. He didn't approach our project like someone who just wanted to do a job and get paid. He actually became a part of our journey. He firstly understood our business and the results we needed, and then created copy that delivered over and above.

He wrote about what we offered in a way that actually gave us a new perspective! We don't see ourselves working with many other copywriters in the future. We highly recommend him.

Peter Hingston
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