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Explain the benefits of your coaching program and get paying clients immediately

Is this you?

Are people struggling to understand the value of what you offer?

Sometimes, you have a program that can transform people’s lives, but they struggle to see the benefits.

Sales pages have one goal: to sell. They highlight your prospects’ pain points and show how your coaching is the solution. 

Let’s get one thing straight, though. A sales page is more than a list of benefits.

I’m not going to simply create a “why should you attend this program” list. I’m willing to bet you’ve tried that before, and you know it doesn’t work.


With the sales page, I will take the visitor through a journey, showing them how limiting their current problems can be. Sometimes, you don’t know how bad things are until you adopt a different perspective. 

The sales page will make this as clear as possible and then show the reader how better their lives will be once they attend your program.  

Sales pages are great for you if:

You’re launching a program, and you need to fill seats
You need a simple page that highlights the specific benefits you offer
You want to sign more people into your program
You need more 1:1 coaching clients
You get a decent amount of site traffic but no sales

Sales pages help you lay out everything in your offer, including

The solutions to your prospects’ pain points so your program fits into their current needs
The features and benefits of your program so people have a clear idea of what they will get
Social proof so they see what you’ve done for people like them
How will this work?

This sign-up link will let you book a strategy call with me. Before booking a date, you’ll get the chance to fill out a questionnaire that helps me understand your voice and positioning better. 

The questionnaire will also allow you to share why you created your offer, who it’s perfect for, and what people stand to gain – all information I need for your sales page. You can also provide other details like the offer structure, duration, etc.

After filling out the questionnaire, you’ll complete the booking process, and we can hop on a call. We’ll discuss the questionnaire, what you’re doing so far, and the program you’re trying to sell with your sales page during the call. 

Then we iron out a few extra details, set a deadline, and I’ll deliver your sales page to you!

How much do Sales Page cost?

Your investment for a 1,000-word sales page is: 


What My Past Clients Have to Say

Matthew and I collaborated on a project which included a sales landing page and an email sequence. I appreciated that he invested time in understanding my audience and communication style before he jumped in with the copywriting.

He was approachable and open to tweaks I suggested after reviewing the first draft and as a result, together, we fine-tuned the messaging before it was released.

I had a strong open rate to all 3 emails and the click rate improved with each message. Matthew is a great collaborative partner to work with.
Christine Campbell Rapin
Clear Acceleration Inc

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