Email Sequence / Newsletters

Build credibility, grow your audience and get your prospects thirsty for your programs

Here's something most coaches experience

Have you ever announced a new program to your audience and met crickets?

You put all that work into designing a transformational program, send out the word, and NOBODY clicks through.

They don’t click through because they don’t know, like or trust you/your program enough yet.

Think about it; they might only have interacted with you a few times in the past few months. But, during that time, they’ve met a ton of other people online and may have forgotten about you.

In some other instances, they know all about you but aren’t sure your program is the right fit for them. They aren’t sure because they don’t know enough about your program.

Emails are a great way to get past all of that.

They allow you to nurture your audience by building a steady relationship with them and giving them free value. 

I write emails that speak directly to your audience, talking about what they are struggling with and giving practical advice on how they can fix it.

When you have a program, emails are also a great way to keep your list posted on what the program contains and why it’s important. 

That way, they are eager to sign up and can’t wait to gain value from your program when you finally launch.

Newsletters are great for you if:

You’re tired of getting clients only from referrals
You want a steady stream of leads that eventually turn into clients
You want to build a relationship with your audience
You want to keep people updated on things you have going on when you finally launch

Newsletters help you to:

Stay top-of-mind with your audience
Go from a place where nobody knows you to a place where people can’t wait to hear from you
Fill seats in your programs and courses
How will this work?

This sign-up link will let you book a strategy call with me. Before booking a date, you’ll get the chance to fill a questionnaire that helps me understand your voice and positioning better. 

The questionnaire will also help me understand the free value you want to offer in your emails, who it’s perfect for, and what people stand to gain. You’ll also provide other details like the offer structure, duration, etc.

After filling the questionnaire, you’ll complete the booking process, and we can hop on a call. We’ll discuss the questionnaire, what you’re doing so far, and any other ideas you wish to explore during the call. 

Then, we iron out a few extra details, set a deadline, and I’ll deliver your emails to you!

How Much Do Emails cost?

Your investment for four emails a month is: 


This rate isn’t set in stone; We can discuss your specific needs/budget.

What My Past Clients Have to Say

I've been working with Matthew on a number of projects recently and his work and attention to detail is excellent. He has handled jobs on different subjects with skill and professionalism.

It can be hard to find a reliable content writer who delivers excellently and on time (often early). But Matthew has been absolutely solid both in the work provided and his communications.

I would not hesitate to recommend Matthew to anyone searching for a top grade content writer. — Oliver Orme-Lynch
Oliver Lynch
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