The right copy can yank your business from obscurity and throw you into a position where you're beating qualified leads off with a stick. These sessions can show you how to create that kind of copy.

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How to build a sales page: Your key to a financially successful business

Discover how to create an irresistible sales page for your business that explains your offer and shows every visitor why they need to sign up right away. Learn a proven step-by-step process that you can use to build compelling pages and tweak your existing ones, regardless of your writing experience.


5 tips to Supercharge your online brand 

When people bump into you online (on social media or your website), do they immediately know what you do? Or do you have to explain over and over?  Learn how to use copy to present yourself in a clear, concise, and compelling manner so that your ideal customer immediately understands your offer, recognizes your authority, and is poised to buy your offer.


Content is your most underutilized business asset: Let’s change that

Learn how to easily create content that doubles as business assets that passively generate QUALIFIED leads for your business. If you hate writing or creating content, prepare to have a change of perspective. You’ll discover how to create content that works, inspires people, and brings you joy.


6 key elements of a successful homepage (and how to incorporate them)

Discover the secrets to creating a homepage that works. If you follow the lessons in this session, everyone who visits your homepage will instantly understand what you do and the members of your target audience will find your offer irresistible. Prepare to be up to your neck in qualified leads.


I’ve been on so many websites and seen their sales pages but never really knew how to structure my own sales pages to generate the same results.

I learned that structure from Matthew’s training, especially where each part needed to go and how to achieve the best results.
Cathi Williams
Coach Cathi LLC
This was really timely for me because I’ve recently redone my website and struggled with getting the information out there so people can understand what I do.

Now I can’t wait to go back to my website, move things around a bit and see how I can improve it.
Joanne Moorhouse
Joanne Moore Photography
Matthew’s training helped me discover that websites and landing pages are like living documents. You get to create something, put it out there, and watch the results.
Peter Hingston
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