Program Driver

Fill up spaces in your program by demonstrating the value you offer through expert copywriting

Let's level with each other

You’ve put a lot of time into designing a program. You ensured that it has enough value to help your clients surmount their challenges and come out on top. You even brought in fellow coaches to contribute and add more value.

And then, crickets… Nobody shows up. 

How devastating is that?!

Well, I designed my Program Driver copywriting package to make sure that NEVER happens to you.

Instead, you’ll be able to fill your program seats and have people begging you to increase the capacity and let them in.


By writing words that show how much your clients stand to gain and. Once your offers are properly presented, people will go out of their way to get the results you’re delivering.

The Program Driver is best for

Generating a lot of results – sales, conversions – quickly
Promoting an offer with clearly defined benefits (like a workshop or a program)

The Program Driver is perfect for you if

You need a couple of clients right now, or you want to fill program seats
You’ve just created an offer and need to hit the ground running.

What’s inside?

An elaborate questionnaire that describes your program

This questionnaire will help me understand why you created your program, who it’s perfect for, and what people stand to gain. You’ll also provide other details like the program structure, duration, etc.

A 30-minute copy strategy session

During this, we will discuss what you’re doing right now and how I can write copy to multiply those results. We’ll also talk about any specific results you’re looking for and anything else that the questionnaire didn’t address.

Sales page (1,000 words max)

The sales page will highlight the benefit of your program by leveraging visitors’ pain points and using the program’s details to show how you can help.

With the sales page, I will take the reader through a journey, showing them how limiting their current problems can be. (because sometimes, you don’t know your disadvantages until someone opens your eyes.) The sales page will make these limitations as clear as possible and show the reader how better their lives will be once they attend your program.

Email sequence with 7 mails (250 words each)

Email sequences are designed to help nurture your leads by providing free valuable insight, highlighting their problems, and painting your program as the perfect solution.

Here’s what I mean.

Have you ever announced a new program to your audience and met crickets? Well, it’s because they don’t know, like, or trust you and your program enough yet. It could also be because your audience doesn’t see how it can help them. Emails are a great way to get past all of that.

I write emails that speak directly to your audience, talking about what they are struggling with and giving practical advice on how they can fix it.

Lead magnet (starting from 500 words)

Everybody who visits your website is a potential member of your audience. They might have stumbled onto your website, but more often than not, they are visiting because they are fascinated by what they’ve heard of you.

The lead magnet helps you qualify these leads, offer them something for free, and give them a chance to join your awesome mailing list, ensuring that they keep getting your high-value mails. A lead magnet is usually a downloadable PDF that contains valuable, actionable information that the reader can use to improve their lives right now.

1 case study (starting from 1000 words)

You’ll agree that it’s often difficult to quantify what your coaching program can do for people. I mean, how do you explain the radical transformations your clients made?

But with case studies, you won’t have to. I write case studies that highlight, in clear terms, the problems that people experienced before finding you and how your program changed their lives. After reading your case studies, prospects will be more convinced that you’re the answer they seek and will be eager to work with you.

The overall strategy

People download your lead magnet, get exposed to your expertise, and join your mailing list. Next, they get a series of emails that give them additional info, highlight their problems and paint you as a solution. The mails will also highlight the merits of your program and what they can expect to get out of it.

They will also get the chance to read your case study to understand, specifically, how your program changes lives. The emails in the sequence will lead to your sales page where they can understand your program better and, of course, sign up!

How much does it cost?

Your investment for the Program Driver package is:


Customize your package

Do you have a specific idea of what you’re looking for?

Click the link below to customize a package based on your specific needs and budget.

What My Past Clients Have to Say

We needed engaging blogs and case studies for our tribe. The goal was to find something that people would actually want to read, but still, tell them about our business. We are so glad we chose Matthew because he delivered above our expectations. He has a way of telling stories with everything he writes so that you actually want to finish it, even if you're being sold on something.

His work was professional, on-point, and he delivered amazing results for us. He also managed to write in a tone of voice that really works for our target audience.

We gladly recommend him to anyone looking for blog posts, case studies, and basically any piece of copy. He's amazing!
Nestene Botha
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