Case Studies

Help your audience understand, in clear terms, how your coaching helps change lives.

Are you struggling to show people what you offer?

Do people find it difficult to see the benefits of working with you?

Read the next few lines and see if they mirror your situation.

You know that you can help people lead better lives; you have the track record to prove it; you’ve even built an entire business around helping people solve specific problems. 

But… it’s tough for you to show people exactly what that will look like for them.

Thing is, unless people realize what you can do for them, they won’t buy from you. Unfortunately, demonstrating those benefits can be a real problem.

How do you explain the radical transformations your clients had? 

Sure, you might be able to tell a story and layout all the details. But will you tell everyone that?

How many meetings will you have? 

Case studies take all that burden from you.

As a coach, some of the results you help clients achieve can’t be quantified in exact numbers, and that’s okay. 

I write case studies that highlight, in clear terms, the problems that people experienced before finding you and how your program changed their lives.

Case studies will help you to

Educate your prospects
Highlights the clean benefits of working with you
Differentiate your coaching business
Increase conversions
Generate new leads

Case studies are great for you if:

You’ve struggled with explaining what you offer in the past
Need something to convince your prospects and complete the sale
You get multiple inquiries about your coaching regularly
How will this work?

This sign-up link will let you book a strategy call with me. Before booking a date, you’ll get the chance to fill out a questionnaire that helps me understand your voice and positioning better. 

The questionnaire will also allow you to share a little about what you hope to get out of your case study, and any unique details you wish to highlight.

After filling out the questionnaire, you’ll complete the booking process, and we can hop on a call. During the call, I’ll interview you to learn

  • What your client’s problems were
  • What you did
  • Their results

Next, you connect me with your client and I’ll interview them to get their side of the story.

Then we iron out a few details, set a deadline, and I’ll deliver your case study to you!

How much do case studies cost?

Your investment for a 1,000-word case study is:


What My Past Clients Have to Say

Matthew and I worked for a short term exploring how I could change how I was posting.

He wrote some LinkedIn posts for me, and I noticed from the work we did I was gaining more reactions and engagement, making more connections even when posting LESS, and I was having FUN again keeping up with my postings on Linked In.

Thank you Matthew for your feedback, coaching and guidance!
Brian DeCastro
Domestic Athlete Inc.

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