Why Work With Me

Why should you trust me with your client acquisition process?

There are thousands of copywriters out there, so why should you work with Matthew? I have two simple reasons.

1. I am a specialist and a professional

I know the word “professional” gets thrown around a lot, but I do mean it.

Before I tell you what I mean by “I’m a specialist and a professional,” I’d like to share a quick story. 

I recently decided to set up my home gym; nothing fancy. Just a barbell, some plates and a stand that doubled as a bench press station and a squat rack.

The problem was that I had a limited budget and needed to find the most affordable way to get it done.

That meant getting ready-made racks was out of the question. I could get a low-cost one on Amazon for $200 and hope it doesn’t come crashing down on me mid-rep. But when you add shipping and customs fees, I might as well BUY a gym.

Instead, I approached a metalsmith (let’s call him David). I showed him pictures, gave him measurements and let him get to work.

That is what SHOULD have happened. But it didn’t.

You see, the only person I found willing to create my tiny gym was NOT a specialist, and he wasn’t the kind of professional I was looking for.

He created metal work for construction projects but he had never built something like this before.

As a result, I had to babysit him every step of the way. He always had an extra project on his hands and couldn’t get to mine. So I had to take time out of my busy day to go to his shop and work on the project with him. 

We would eat lunch together and even take breaks together. All the while, I was paying this man to work. I’m actually not kidding. All this happened.

In the end, I got what I was looking for… kinda.

He knew his stuff and only chose tough metal that could bear as much weight as I needed. He also applied a rust-proof finish that increased the longevity.


The bench was lopsided and imbalanced, and the stands were too close together. However, it works, and I’m okay with it.

You see, working with me will be NOTHING like working with David.

You won’t have to check in on me every day to ensure the project is going well, and you certainly don’t have to spend hours explaining what you need to achieve.

What’s more, you will not walk away okay with the project. My goal is to make you so pleased that you become a fan. Seriously.

I am a specialist – I work with a lot of coaches and I’m a professional – I have been copywriting for many years.

I know exactly what I’m doing, and if you provide a few simple answers, I will understand what you need and deliver it!

I have a ton of people who can pick me up on this.

2. I want you to find the people you’re looking for

If you’ve read my “about me” page, you know that I chose to work with coaches because a coach helped me overcome limiting beliefs, step out of my shell and share my value with the world.

I know there are people out there who need your coaching to achieve their dreams. And like me, many of them will never take the step unless you lead them. I want you to find those people, and I want you to help them, just like a coach helped me.

You can’t do that if nobody knows you exist, or if nobody understands how you can help them. 

You should work with me because I actually care about the results my copy will achieve for you – help people change their lives.

3. My work gets results

I’m going to let my clients take this one and show you why you should hire me for the results you’re looking for.


What Past Clients Say
Matthew, thank you so much for the excellent review. I was stuck and didn’t know where to begin with the “About me page” that i needed for my website.

Thanks to the copy you wrote for me, my story just flows and sounds professional. Annalie Lamprecht
Annalie Lamprecht
I've been working with Matthew on a number of projects recently and his work and attention to detail is excellent. He has handled jobs on different subjects with skill and professionalism.

It can be hard to find a reliable content writer who delivers excellently and on time (often early). But Matthew has been absolutely solid both in the work provided and his communications.

I would not hesitate to recommend Matthew to anyone searching for a top grade content writer. — Oliver Orme-Lynch
Oliver Lynch
Matthew is an outstanding copywriter, he's able to work under pressure being completely organized. While working together, he demonstrated great time management skills and he's focused on details and customer satisfaction.

I've been working with Matthew for more than 1 year and he's an asset to me and our organization. I appreciate his communication, personality, and desire to learn more about us.
Stefania Pinato

There you have it

If you’re a coach looking for some copy, you could go with any copywriter, but I think I’m your best bet. 

I have one more point to convince you that I’m your guy.


If you click the link below, it’ll take you to my calendly page where you can book a virtual coffee with me. I love meeting people and even though we don’t work together right now, I’m still happy to make the connection.


Click the link and take me up on my offer. You know you want to