About Me

I believe that anyone can become better with the right help.

My name is Matthew and I specialize in writing copy for coaches because I believe the work you do is important.

As a copywriter born, bred, and based in Nigeria, I had a lot of reservations about networking and working with clients all over the world. Even though I had the skills, I was worried about how receptive people might be to me and my offers.

My confidence was low, and I was almost apologetic to everyone I met online.

But a coach helped me realize my true potential. Basically, he showed me that it was all BS. By working with him, I saw how much I had to give and he guided me throughout the journey. 

That experience is something I will always carry with me.

Now, I’m returning the favor by helping coaches cut through the online clutter, spread their magic and reach the people who really need them.

Why work with me?

You should work with me because I have a lot of expertise in selling coaching offers.

Most coaches face the same kinds of challenges, regardless of their specialization. 

They help people achieve amazing results in their health, personal life, or career. As a coach, you have various tools that you use to help people see their way clearly and achieve their goals. The only problem is finding the people who need your help.

Working with coaches across all these specializations helps me understand what works and what doesn’t when selling a coaching program or service.

When I write for your business, I bring all that expertise, which means that you can expect the best results from the get-go; there is no need to try things out to see what works.

Another reason to work with me is that I am personally invested in helping coaches help people.

The services I’m offering you are the same ones that allowed me to locate the coach who transformed my outlook. Since working with him, I have written copy for clients worldwide, from South Africa to Sweden. 

Some people need to work with coaches like you to truly become themselves, but they have to find out first. 

I make sure they do find you and understand how you can help them.

Make I run am for you!

Make I run am for you” is Nigerian to the core. It means “let me do this for you,” You’ll usually hear it when you have a problem that your friend can solve. They understand the assignment and are willing AND able to deliver the results they are looking for.

I’m saying to you now, make I run am for you. Let me write the copy you need to reach the people who need your help.

My background

I have a dynamic background, and before I became a full-time copywriter, I dabbled in offline sales and marketing, physical therapy, and personal training. It’s a long and riveting story, but here’s the short version.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Physical Therapy; however, I didn’t feel fulfilled as a physiotherapist. So, I decided to see what else was out there for me, and during my search, I worked with a branding and advertising firm where I did copywriting and offline marketing. 

The rigid work structure didn’t appeal to me, so I decided to try something else. Leveraging my educational background, I got certified and worked as a personal trainer because I love fitness, and helping people improve is something that appeals to me.

I was moonlighting as a writer all the while, constantly working on projects that ranged from writing blogs for legal practices to writing website copy for construction companies.

After bouncing around all these roles, trying to find something that gave me satisfaction and harnessed all my skills, I realized that copywriting was the perfect culmination of these experiences.

It gave me the freedom to work on several projects, allowed me to pick my own hours, and connected me with amazing people from around the world. 

It also allowed me to leverage my ability to connect with people because copywriting is all about understanding an audience’s needs and presenting the offer that helps them the most.

You already know why I decided to focus on working with coaches, and voila, here I am!

Just between us

I love naps. I could sleep for weeks if I didn't have clients to serve

I love puzzles. A good Saturday is me hunched over a 1000 piece jigsaw

(As at the time of writing) I'm thinking of getting a cat.

Let’s work together

So there you have it. That's my story

If you’re looking for a copywriter to help you reach and help more people, I’m your guy. Make I run am for you!

Check out the services I offer here and see how I can help.

Or, book a virtual coffee with me and you can tell me if getting a cat is a good idea