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Turn every visitor into a potential client by giving them valuable information that they can’t ignore

Here's something you might not know

Everybody who visits your website is a potential client. 

They might have stumbled onto your website, but more often than not, they are visiting because they are fascinated by what they’ve heard of you.

It’s critical to follow up with these people in a non-intrusive manner that also gives them constant value.

That way, they keep hearing from you and you stay top of mind. But more importantly, they get a chance to see how beneficial your coaching program is, and how you can help them.

But if you don’t have a lead magnet, none of this will happen. Potential clients will keep visiting your website and leaving, and you’ll keep struggling to sell your programs.

I help you change all of that and turn visitors into clients that will eventually patronize your business.

I create lead magnets that are downloadable pdfs containing valuable content based on the problems you solve for your clients. 

It might contain simple tips they can use to get results right now or anecdotes you’ve developed through your experience as a coach. 

The more unique the information in the lead magnet, the more likely they are to attract people.

A lead magnet can help you

Convert more of your website visitors to coaching clients
Give everyone who finds your website extra value
Advertise your service even when you’re not there
Build your audience by adding site visitors to your email list
Fill seats in your programs

Lead magnets are great for you if:

You want more coaching clients
You want to build a relationship with your site visitors
Want to generate more leads
Offer more value besides the “book a free call” that everyone else offers
How will this work?

The best way to use lead magnets is to feed the leads into an email sequence. That way, people continue to get information from you, and they can unsubscribe any time they want.

So people download the pdf and automatically join your mailing list (don’t worry, they can unsubscribe anytime.) The sequence that follows gives them EVEN MORE free info while also positioning you as the expert you are.

This sign-up link will take you to book a strategy call with me. Before booking a date, you’ll get the chance to fill out a questionnaire that helps me understand your voice and positioning better. 

The questionnaire will also help me understand the content you wish to put in your lead magnet. There are also sections that explore who it’s perfect for and what they stand to gain by downloading.

After filling the questionnaire, you’ll complete the booking process and we can hop on a call. During the call, we’ll discuss the questionnaire and iron out a few extra details, set a deadline, and I’ll deliver your sales page to you!

How much do lead magnets cost?

Your investment for a 500-word lead magnet is:


What My Past Clients Have to Say

I have had the absolute pleasure of sharing the same space as Matthew as well as several one-on-one interactions with him and when one can vouch for the character of someone, that is, worth more than gold. Skills are easy to attain. Good authentic, open honest "Character" is not.

With the knowledge I have of his, writing skills, through seeing some of it myself and the feedback from another copywriter, which is probably the highest accollade one can receive.

I would highly recommend that anyone with the need for a copywriter, connect with Matthew before making your final decision.
Steven Levy
Dare2Be Coaching and Beyond

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