5 Effective Email Marketing Tips for Healthcare Providers

As a healthcare provider, you interact with your customers differently than most other service providers. Likewise, you’re very likely to approach your email marketing campaigns’ messaging and overall engagement differently. This guide is designed to help you get that messaging right. To do this, I’ll walk you through some of the reasons why you need […]

Understanding gum disease in the elderly

Your risk of developing gum disease increases with age, and some figures suggest that 7 out of 10 people over 65 have the condition.  Gum disease, gum infection, periodontal disease, is a gum infection where the soft tissues around the teeth are inflamed and damaged. In advanced cases, there may also be the destruction of […]

How to run a successful Personal Trainer Practice – Jenn Morelock’s story

Jenn Morelock is a personal trainer based in Tennessee who runs a busy gym with a steady influx of clients. But her practice hasn’t always been like that. She started out working for a big box gym and eventually worked her way up to renting out a gym, training personal clients, and creating a successful […]