Case Studies

A case study is an in-depth analysis of a particular case, client, or product that highlights all the work that went into it, as well as the results obtained.

As a coach in the health, fitness, or wellness industry, a case study helps highlight your past successes with clients. 

It shows in detail, how you helped a client achieve the results they were seeking, and how you overcame the challenges along the way.

This goes a long way in assuring future clients that you’re the coach/trainer for the job.

You should get a case study if;

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You have a remarkable client success story

Do you have a remarkable transformation that you just have to share? Maybe your client lost 20 pounds using a Keto diet, or they drastically improved their run time. 

These are stories that your prospective clients would LOVE to hear about. It’s inspiring, specific, and on a level, makes them want to chase the same thing.

A case study ensures that the story is always available for everyone who visits your website.

You’re having trouble convincing clients of your expertise

People often look for many things in a personal trainer. For some people, the lower your fat percentage, the savvier you are. But we know that this isn’t true. Body fat percentage is a factor of many things, including genetics and personal choices.

But none of what will matter if you’ve helped a client achieve a similar result. It shows that you have the expertise to get the job done, and that’s all clients really want to know.

You don’t have certificates that your competitors have

Certifications from NASM and ACE are more or less the standard for personal trainers. If you’re a diet coach, there is probably a long list of certificates you can get as well.

But sometimes, you don’t have these, but it doesn’t mean you aren’t skilled. Unfortunately, some clients have made these pieces of paper the tipping point in their minds.

A case study carries its own weight. It proves that you can actually achieve the results they are looking for. And, it may be the push that knocks down the final objection in your prospect’s mind.

You want to generate new leads

Besides dissolving doubts for new clients, case studies are also remarkable lead magnets. In exchange for reading your client’s remarkable story, visitors can submit their emails.

You can then send exclusive offers to these emails as you try to land new clients. 

The estimated investment for case studies

Your investment for skyrocketing your conversion rate is $200 for a 500 – 800 word case study, and $300 for a 1,200 word case study.

Client Testimonial

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