Blog Posts and Articles

Blog posts and articles can help you quickly establish your expertise as a coach even before clients meet you. 

In addition to your stunning home page and detailed service description, a blog section reinforces the notion that you know your stuff, and you’re the right pro to get your clients in shape.

Blog posts and articles are perfect for you if;

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You have a growing client base and need an efficient way to educate them

As a coach, education is a large part of what you do. Your clients come to you with specific health or fitness goals, and part of your job includes making sure they have the right information.

There are tons of resources out there, and not all of them offer accurate information. Your own blog section can help you get ahead of that. 

You wouldn’t be the first business owner to leverage the power of blog posts. Statistics show that 86% of marketers use blog posts as their strategy because of how effective it is.

You’re looking to generate new leads using SEO

SEO leads are 8 times more effective than other outbound leads like direct mail. You’ve missed these opportunities long enough. The right copy plus well-researched keywords can launch your business to the first page of Google, and that’s where all the good traffic is.

And because Google prioritizes relevance, you’re certain that most visitors are looking for the information and services you provide.

You want to leverage traffic from other websites

Articles aren’t just for your website. They can also help you use the traffic of other websites to your advantage. By publishing guest posts, you’re spreading your net and reaching potentially everyone who visits the other website.

Besides the increased number of potential leads, blog posts also help you create a backlink profile for your website

A backlink profile is the collection of backlinks that lead from other websites to yours. The more backlinks you have from high-authority websites, the higher your domain authority. This makes it more likely for clients to find you via google. It also means you’ll get much higher traffic.

You’re looking to establish yourself as an expert coach

One of the challenges you’ll have to overcome as a coach is getting clients to trust your expertise. 

Your curated blog section can tip them over.

I create articles that are tailored specifically to your target audience. That way, your competence will shine through and lower whatever doubts they might have.

What results can you expect from blog posts and articles?

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All these benefits sound great, but as a business owner, you’re probably looking for some hard evidence.

Well, here you go.

  • Businesses with a consistent blog generate 67% more leads than those without. That’s 5 leads for every 3 generated by other businesses
  • Small businesses with a blog get 126% more lead growth than those without a blog.
  • 8 out of 10 businesses get most of their leads from blogs

The estimated investment for  blog posts and articles

Prices from $30.

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