About Me

If you’ve watched the video above, then you already know that I’m a copywriter who loves what he does.

I’m lucky enough to make a career out of two of my strongest passions – copywriting and fitness. 

And as someone who’s studied the human body extensively, and exercises often, I’m both the ideal seller and buyer in the fitness industry.  

I understand, firsthand, how tough it can be to diet properly, lose weight, and build muscle. But I’ve also been writing in the industry for 3+ years, so I know a bit of what works and what doesn’t when addressing this specific audience.

Besides my education as a physical therapist, I’ve also taken a lot of courses and specializations to improve my knowledge and basically help me deliver more value. 

This includes attending a career school to learn about succeeding as a freelance writer and taking a specialization course in content strategy (how small businesses can use content to gain an edge in the marketplace).

What people enjoy about working with me

My experience and expertise are surprisingly, only half of why clients love to work with me. The other half is that I’m a business owner myself. 

I go through many of the same stuff other entrepreneurs do, including trying to generate and chase leads, manage time effectively, and land new clients. 

Not something you want to hear from someone you’re looking to hire eh? Well, it’s true. We’re all in the same boat, one way or another.

But my goal is always to get you out of that boat and into something more comfortable. Like a yacht for example. 🙂

To do this, I help you write blog posts that engage your audiences, case studies that highlight what’s so great about your coaching service, and emails that make you money

If you’re tired of watching leads slip through your fingers, let’s do something about it.